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Starch is a major part of food as well as of various industrial products. As it is made from a renewable resource it becomes very significant as a basis for many kinds of products. Increasing world population and living standards require higher volumes and varieties of starch products. The limitation of resources and environmental aspects demand high efficient processes.

  Company Profile
Danish Potato Processing (DPP) is based in Denmark as a supplier of technology in the field of starch processing. We originated from the Danish Potato Processing industry (that is where our name comes from) with applications in the field of potato starch, flakes, etc.. For quite some time the main field of processing technology is in native and modified starches from cassava, potato, corn and wheat.  
DPP is qualified as a general contractor with full service engineering and production for complete plant projects. It also provides single machines for replacement and up- grade of existing facilities.  

The company is technology driven and offers a wide range of processes for the starch and food processing industry. Our experts with long experience from the European industry perform continuous development to maintain a high level of technology. This is supported by a strong background and feedback from our installations in European factories.  

The design of the machines is done according to the latest calculation methods. Plant layout and equipment arrangement including piping are conducted with the most up-to-date software tools to ensure the highest planning standards.

High quality fabrication is done in the workshops of our JV partner and in cooperation with partners in the local country. The workshop is well experienced with fabrication of equipment for the European starch, food processing and dairy industry. Components like pumps, instruments, motors, control systems etc.are purchased from major brands with a worldwide service network.

    Customer Focus

DPP’s focus is on the benefit for the business of the customer. That means, the technology achieves a high product yield from the crop input along with high efficiency in power and water consumption. Safety and environmental aspects are always considered. The reliability for un- interrupted operation and a manageable, appropriate control system is very important during the harvesting period.

A very important aspect of a successful project is a good operator training during start- up. This is part of our full service to ensure that the plant is operating with best performance. After- sales service with spare parts and the latest technology improvements will be provided during the life time of the project.

The local conditions in a project can be very specific in terms of resources for trained people, infrastructure, utilities and all sorts of technical support. Our international staff has experience in various countries and regions of the world. They are used to adapt and deal with the very different local conditions and resources.

DPP provides project support from feasibility studies including market information up to the operation of the plant and product marketing.

Consulting support can also be provided in the field of waste water treatment (incl. biogas) and raw material/product logistics. We have partners for financing schemes and the trading of product through off-take agreements or buy- back arrangements.

Our Potential Customers are:
  Food preparation companies or other starch appliers (like paper industry) who want to back- integrate their supply chain.
  Larger potato producers, who want to expand their activities and create an added- value for their agro- product.
  Established Agro- and Food- processing companies
    Company Goals

Creating value by providing cost efficient solutions

Innovation and technology development
High Quality of equipment fabrication and project execution
Total Service provision from project definition to after sales service (life cycle approach)